Elbow Surgery

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Elbow pain can be debilitating and some types of elbow pain warrant elbow surgery.

There are several types of elbow surgery available and the following article will detail when it may be necessary to consider taking this course of action.

Tennis Elbow Surgery

One common cause of severe elbow pain is tennis elbow.

If all other possible causes of pain have been ruled out, and the patient has suffered with Tennis Elbow  from 6 months to 1 year, then elbow surgery may be recommended.

Tennis elbow surgery consists of making an incision over the outside of the joint, and locating the area of the tendon that has suffered damage.

This area is then removed, and after stitching the incision up, the physician places a splint on the arm.

This splint is usually left in place for about a week and the patient is encouraged to begin moving their elbow.

Physical therapy is often an option for patients that are still having issues with pain, and a therapist can prescribe elbow exercises to help with movement of the elbow.

Patients are usually able to perform normal activities of daily living after six weeks.

Patients that wish to resume athletic activities are usually able to do so after twelve weeks of surgery.

Elbow Arthritis Surgery

Arthritis is another condition that can be very painful. Some patients are in so much pain that they need elbow surgery.

For more details about surgery for elbow arthritis please click the link below:

Elbow Arthritis Surgery

Arthroscopic Elbow Surgery

Arthroscopic surgery is used to diagnose and treat conditions inside the joint.

For further details please click the link below:

Arthroscopic Elbow Surgery

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