Sore Elbow


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Whether you have a sore elbow because of a labor intensive job, a sports injury or just normal wear and tear, living with the pain makes everything more difficult.

A sore elbow can be a major inconvenience when completing simple everyday activities.

The article below will outline a few possible causes of a sore elbow and will give you solutions that you can try on your own.

If the pain develops so that you feel you are debilitated in any way, you should go for a professional consultation.

Tennis Elbow or Tendonitis

One type of sore elbow is commonly referred to as ‘tennis elbow’.

Usually this means you have tendonitis of the elbow, in which you may experience minor or severe pain.

The pain may be so severe that you feel like you have broken your arm.

Tendonitis means that the tendons around the bones in your elbow are inflamed.

Naturally, to take the pain away you are going to want to reduce the inflammation and avoid the type of activity that caused the pain in the first place.

For example, if the tendonitis developed by cycling, stop cycling for a while until your arm feels better.

Elbow Tendonitis

There are several ways to combat tendonitis.

It is not a severe injury and if you went to the doctor they would probably apply a muscle relaxer and give you a pain reliever before alternating hot and cold compressions on your sore elbow.

They would continue to do this until the pain had subsided and you were able to move your elbow around without hesitation.

They would then tell you to continue the routine a couple of times a day until you have reversed the tendonitis.

You could also have someone massage that area gently to help relax the tendons and get them back to normal.

Pulled Elbow Muscles

Another type of sore elbow can be caused by pulled muscles.

If you play sports or water ski and you have hyper-extended your elbow, you will probably wake up in pain.

If this sounds like the type of injury you have, it may be beneficial to get a bandage and a muscle relaxer.

Have someone massage your elbow and then put a cold compress directly on the area that is painful.

Leave it there for around 10-20 minutes.

Remove the compress and then put the bandage on to reduce mobility and help the muscle to heal faster.

Repeat this process at least twice a day to ensure fast recovery.

Broken or Fractured Elbow

If the sore elbow has resulted from a fall or another trauma that could have resulted in a break or fracture, you should go to see your doctor.

If you are unable to completely straighten or bend your elbow because of severe pain, you should also see your doctor.

The golden rule is always if in doubt, go and see a doctor.

If you have a sore elbow, you could take Penetrex┬« – The World’s #1 OTC Anti-Inflammatory Therapy to reduce swelling and pain while the injury still causes you discomfort.

A sore elbow needs to be given time to heal before any activity is completed, as continuing when the pain has not completely gone could result in permanent damage or a more severe injury.

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Tennis Elbow Pain Cure

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