Elbow Brace

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There are several reasons to wear an elbow brace.

It is very important to have the correct elbow brace and to ensure it is worn in the proper way. Always get proper advice from your doctor.

The most common use for an elbow brace is for tennis or golfer’s elbow.

Also called an elbow clasp in this case, treating the tennis elbow requires the brace to be worn below the elbow, instead of directly on it.

This will transfer the pressure from the elbow itself to the area directly under the brace.

It should be worn while doing all activities for complete relief.

Mueller HG80 Tennis/Golf Elbow Support

An excellent below the elbow is the Mueller HG80 Tennis/Golf Elbow Support that you can get from Amazon.

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Tennis Elbow Brace Epicondylitis Brace Elbow Support

An excellent, but slightly more expensive alternative to the Mueller HG80 Support is the Tennis Elbow Brace Epicondylitis Brace Elbow Support

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The clasp is medically called the Epicondylitis clasp.

The clasp relieves the strain on the area where the muscles of the forearm attach. This area is called the Epicondylitis.

The elbow brace is a simplified version of this clasp.

Elbow Inferno Wrap

Another helpful type of brace is the Elbow Inferno Wrap.

Heat is used in addition to the brace to help blood circulation in the areas affected; thus healing is speeded up.

However, it is not good to use the heat or even just an elbow brace for a long time, as it could cause muscle wastage in the area.

It should not be used simply to hide the pain. If this happens, rest the elbow for a while instead as it is probably being over-used at this point.

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Elastic elbow braces

There are also simple Elastic elbow braces that can be purchased online for as $10 0r less.

They can be easily adjusted by the metal clasp that comes with the brace and it is best not to wear it too tight.

Many pharmacies also sell elbow braces that contain a tendon pad inside.

This helps to cushion the muscles and gives further relief while wearing the brace.

There are also types of elbow brace made to help pull moisture away from the skin. This keeps the area even more comfortable by being dry.

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Elbow Ice Compression Wrap

Another type of elbow brace uses cold instead of heat to treat the pain, such as the Cold OneĀ® Elbow Ice Compression Wrap.

The controlled cold stops the risk of any tissue damage. It comes with a detachable cooler, and may be available in both adult and child sizes.

There is also controlled compression with this brace.

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Post-operative elbow brace

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If surgery was necessary for the elbow, there are post-operative braces available like theHely Weber Hayes Hinged Elbow Orthosis pictured above.

These braces start on the upper arm (a few inches above the elbow) and extend down the whole arm to the hand.

These braces are adjustable, come in a different range of motion settings and can be set for flexibility.

There are foam and comfort pads on these simply because they are worn longer than the average elbow brace.

Using these types of braces must be under a doctor’s recommendation due to their complexity, but once you know which brace you need you can order them online from Amazon.

This is often cheaper and easier than trying to find them locally.

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An elbow brace used immediately after surgery is used to immobilize the elbow joint.

This brace is worn on the whole arm with a strap to hold it up.

This way the patient cannot move the elbow at all during the critical time after surgery.

It comes with a control knob, so that when the elbow can be moved again, the knob can be unlocked.

Whichever type of elbow brace is needed, if the pain persists it is always best to see a physician.



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